The Dari-ette today looks much like it did on opening day in 1957.

The Dari-ette was built in the Chrome Age -- as in big bumpers and big fins on hot rods of the day.

It was 1957 when Kenny Zuercher built the drive-in restaurant you see today at Rts. 30 and 94. It remains much as it was then, a refreshing stop and relief from the bustle of the highway.

It is set in the bucolic countryside of Wayne County, amid farm fields and on the edge of the largest Amish population in the world. In fact, an Amish neighbor sells fresh vegetables from a stand behind the Dari-ette during the growing season.

Dick Kohler bought the Dari-ette in 1960, and his son, Dave, bought it from him in 1980. Donna Dale Davis bought it from Dave in 1989. And her son, Dan Davis, purchased it in 2000.


And it was a very familiar place to Dan. His wife, Lori, worked there when they were dating in the 1970s. She worked for her father, Dick Kohler.

So the Dari-ette has largely been in the same family for 50 years. 

Slide order: Kenny Zuercher, Dick Kohler, Dave Kohler, Donnadale Davis and Dan Davis.